Family in front of the reliquary of Saints Louis and Zelie

Come on pilgrimage

The Shrine of Alençon welcomes you every day of the jubilee year. Come discover, alone or in a group, the different places where the Martin Family lived by participating in an event, by gathering in the chapel, or by following the footsteps of the holy Martin spouses throughout the city.


Help us

The Shrine exists thanks to the offerings of the pilgrims and to the generosity of its sponsors. It also operates thanks to the many volunteers who donate their time.

    There are many means available for you to help the shrine:
  • You can serve as a volunteer for one or many events or for some specific tasks.
  • You can sustain us financially by giving on a regular basis or from time to time to the various projects of the Shrine.
  • You can pass along the information by spreading the means of communication of the Shrine through social media in your parish.
  • You can pray for the intentions of the Shrine and for all the pilgrims who come to gather there.



Jubile of Saints Louis and Zelie : we talk about it !

Saints Louis and Zélie


Saints Louis and Zelie lived holiness in the ordinary life of a married couple and a family. Their exemple show us how to go deeper in our prayer life.



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What is a jubilee?

A jubilee is a great celebration in the Catholic Church that celebrates an event, a particular anniversary.
It was Pope Boniface VIII who inaugurated the first jubilee of history in the year 1300. History shows with what enthusiasm the people of God have always lived the jubilee years, seeing in them a circumstance where the invitation of Jesus to conversion is heard more intensely. We remember especially the last jubilee of Mercy (2015-2016) or that of the Year 2000.
In the same way that the Pope inaugurates Jubilees for the Universal Church, each bishop can do it, on the occasion of a particular celebration, in his diocese.

Why a jubilee at Alençon ?

Alençon is first and foremost the wedding site of Saints Louis and Zélie: after having met in Alençon on the Sarthe bridge in the spring of 1858, they were married at the city hall on July 12 at 10 pm and at midnight at the Church of Notre-Dame (now Basilica).
It was then in Alençon that the nine children of the Martin family were born. It is after all the place of family life until the death of Zélie in 1877.

The Church wanted to give Saints Louis and Zélie Martin as an example to all the couples and families of today: it is for this reason that they were canonized by Pope Francis, just two years ago, on October 18, 2015. This is the first married couple canonized together in the history of the Church.

This jubilee of the 160th anniversary of their marriage will give all the faithful the opportunity to discover the lives of Saints Louis and Zélie at the very places where they lived. Pilgrims will be able to receive the special graces related to each Jubilee Year.

This jubilee will also give more opportunity to know about Saints Louis and Zélie. Given that they are the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, the illustrious « greatest saint of modern times » (St. Pope Pius X), the Christian people are invited to discover further the life of this couple that is still little known.

Receive the Plenary Indulgence

A plenary indulgence is a grace offered by God for one-self or for someone deceased. It will be possible to receive it at the Shrine of Alençon during the Jubilee Year. It is a reparation, a removal of all of the temporal punishment due to sin.

In order to receive it, the faithful must be in a state of grace, be disposed interiorly to the complete detachment from sin; to have confessed, to have received the Holy Eucharist, to pray for the intentions of the Holy Father, and to make a pious pilgrimage to the Shrine of Alençon during the Jubilee Year.

Opening Jubilee

Pèlerinage des familles 2018

Shower of Roses

Pluie de Roses 2018